Servant Partners Internships develop emerging leaders to minister alongside the urban poor. Interns live, learn, and pursue God together in order to discern a call to urban poor ministry.

Do you want to be a part of the exciting work that God is doing in urban poor communities, but aren’t sure where to being?


In our short term internships, you have a unique opportunity to step into the world of the urban poor, to experience their day to day realities, and ask God to show you how you can make a significant contribution.

Are you seeking deeper experience with the urban poor, and want to gain the skills and know-how to minister effectively?

In our one to two year internships, you can grow in the skills, character, and spirituality needed to thrive in urban ministry.  If you love Jesus, want to make a difference in the lives of the urban poor, and enjoy learning through doing, then this internship is for you.


Many of our intern graduates join full-time missions teams in the U.S. or overseas, but our vision is to raise up a generation of believers who will effectively serve, advocate for, and influence the church toward action on behalf of the poor, regardless of career path.

Frequently asked questions

US Two-Year Internships - Los Angeles, San José, & Philadelphia

Servant Partner’s two year internship equips mature disciples as servant leaders who actively love the urban poor through communal and experiential discipleship. Interns live together, study Scripture together, and minister together while pursuing a deeper relationship with God. One intern described her experience as “a two year crash course in deeper discipleship.” If you’re looking to go deeper in your relationship with Jesus and you want to grow in serving the poor, this could be a great place for you! CALENDAR The two year internship begins in the fall each year. The application period for Fall 2019 sites begins in January.

  • Application Deadline: January 2019
  • Interview Weekend: TBD February or March 2019
  • Internship Duration: Fall 2018 - Spring 2020
COMMITMENTS Interns commit to community
Interns live together in an urban poor neighborhood within Greater Los Angeles, San José, or Philadelphia near one of our partner churches. This is an intentional community living experience where interns are eating together, praying together, serving their neighbors together as well as learning to love and reconcile with one another. Interns commit to discipleship
Interns will be open to hearing the voice of God in new and unexpected ways--in the Scriptures, from staff members, from neighbors, and from each other. We begin in the early fall with a three week trip to an overseas slum to give interns a vision for urban church planting and holistic community transformation. Upon returning to the US, interns serve and live among their low-income neighbors to personally understand the needs and struggles of the neighborhood. As they participate in the ministry of a local church in their communities, interns receive practical training on the ins and outs of church planting and community organizing among the urban poor. FMI: APPLY NOW

International Internship - Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Canadian internship is for anyone looking for a comprehensive discernment tool to gain experience and prepare you for long-term ministry among the urban poor. Come live​ and serve among our neighbour​s in Vancouver’s ​D​owntown ​E​​​​astside in order to personally understand the complex struggles and assets in a rapidly gentrifying and culturally diverse neighbourhood. We would love for you to join us in empowering local leaders through grassroots organizing and strengthening Jesus Communities. We are currently open for applicants to serve full-time in Vancouver for 20 months, starting this fall. Our diverse team is developing local leaders in 3 ways: building thriving multi-ethnic Jesus Communities, advocating for justice through grassroots organizing and creating opportunities for greater economic stability. We have a vibrant partnership with Strathcona Vineyard and are involved in multiple local and broad based organizing groups in the city. Through training workshops, inductive Bible study, coaching and mentoring, you will deepen in their knowledge of God’s heart for the poor and gain the skills of church planting, organizing and developing leaders. You will be encouraged to grow in character, pursue healing, and to develop your spiritual gifts as you invest in your neighbour. Each intern class will also be spending 2 months i​n ​South Asia in order to gain international experience among the poor​, and experience the initial work of determining where a site could establish itself long-term as well as language and culture learning. ​Interns who are ready to take initiative and responsibility for their learning process thrive at our site. FMI: APPLY NOW

International Internship - Manila, The Philippines

For two weeks to six months, interns experience life in a slum community in Manila. Participants stay in local squatter homes, build relationships, and participate in the ministry of a local church in the squatter community. Interns receive biblical teaching on urban ministry, visit other thriving ministries in the city, take strategic prayer walks, and experience the ways other parts of the city impact squatter life. The internship can be tailored to fit the interests and desires of the individual, and the length of time is negotiable. Anyone over 18 years of age may apply. It is open to both individuals and teams. FMI: LEARN MORE: Interview with Manila Directors APPLY NOW

International Internship - Marseille, France

Marseille is France’s second largest city, with one of the highest immigrant populations by percentage in Europe. If you want to learn French and work with immigrants from North Africa, maybe you're ready for this French Connection. We are currently accepting applications for 6 - 18 month internships from those who are considering cross cultural development work in the francophone world. We have relationships with several local immigrant non-profits and mostly focus on work with young adults, youth and children; these are Europe's third culture kids (neither African nor French, but something new and globaly focused). One would need to be a self-starter, as the city is expensive and though it's nice to be in France, many people have suffered due to the coldness of its people. This may the place for you if you're looking for a challenging and creative ministry. It’s also a great place to learn French and prepare to work in French-speaking North Africa. FMI: APPLY NOW

Frequently asked questions

How long has Servant Partners had an internship program?

In 1995, Servant Partners started the internship program in the Los Angeles area (Pomona, Northwest Pasadena, Lincoln Heights) and Manila, Philippines. Since then, internships has partnered with Servant Partners sites in Lincoln Heights, California, San Jose, California, Vancouver, B.C., the Middle East, Marseilles, France, South Africa, Nicaragua, and Thailand.

How many interns are at each site?

The exact number of interns will depend on the site. The class size has ranged from one to eighteen per site.

How long is the internship?

Our short term internships range from 2-6 weeks and longer term internships range from 6-22 months.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the internship varies depending on length, whether you work a job and volunteer as an intern, or spend all your time in the community (international internships). Internships range from $3000-$20,000, depending on all of those details. This cost covers orientation, overseas trips, books and training materials, activities, four weekend prayer retreats and administration of the internship, and, if applicable, living expenses. Interns usually contact friends and family in order to raise the needed support for this internship. There are also some internship brochures and other materials available by request.

How do I apply for the internship?

You can fill out the application and reference forms here.

When are applications due?

Applications are due: January 21, 2019.

Who is a good candidate for the internship?

We look for interns who are serious about four things:

  1. Willingness to live and serve in an urban poor context for two years
  2. Willingness to make the internship the top priority
  3. Openness to a call to minister among the urban poor overseas after the internship
  4. Openness to church planting after the internship
Applicants must be committed to an adult learning style (e.g. finding a job and an apartment, budgeting, being on time, etc.), and ready to take great initiative and responsibility for their own learning process and growth.

What happens after I apply?

After processing applications, the staff will issue invitations to our Interview Weekend. These interviews will be held in February 2019. All applicants are required to attend. Decisions will be issued in early March 2019. Once you receive our decision, you’ll have a short time to consider for yourself and respond to us via phone or email. Responses are required late March 2019.

Is there an orientation or training time before the internship begins?

There is an orientation in the States as well as an international immersion trip at the beginning of the internship experience.

Can I have a job while in the internship?

Domestic US Interns are responsible for daily living expenses by working part or full time. International Interns raise a budget that covers their full-time engagement in the neighborhood.

What about church attendance?

Given the immersive nature of the internship, we ask that you come in with no prior commitments, including church. There will be opportunity during the internship to connect with a local church.

How often will I meet with other interns?

Interns usually meet two evenings a week for three hours each. These meetings mainly involve scripture study, book reading/discussion, workshops (e.g. race and culture, poverty, dating, etc.), gifts assessments, and leadership development. Also, interns usually live together.

Are there staff members who work with interns?

Yes. There are local Servant Partners staff members at each site who facilitate learning and ministry opportunities.

How exactly will I spend my time as an intern?

Outside of bi-weekly meetings, interns also receive local ministry assignments, practice spiritual disciplines (e.g. Sabbath, prayer, silence and solitude), engage in peer accountability, and receive regular mentoring. The internship experience is designed to help interns grow in their connection with God, each other and with the poor. It is a powerful, life-changing two-year experience for maturing in your faith and discerning next steps in serving the poor.

How much free time will I have?

Likely much of your time as an intern will be spent at work, with neighbors and with your housemates and teammates. There are longer breaks periodically throughout the two years and often a free day during the weekend.